high_st_exterior_v5 - 15cm
  • Project: 85-97 High Street

  • Location: Prahran

  • Client: Ashwerth Pty Ltd

Project Description

 In collaboration with CBG Architects.

Conceived as a placemaking response to the unique characteristics of the site, each part of the building has been designed to address its particular relationship to the neighbourhood.

At the ground floor, street activity is celebrated where a cafe opens up the High Street corner providing outdoor dining opportunities, while to the west, apartment lobby and showrooms are articulated with a palette of materials including glass and recycled timber that imbue the building with a warmth and transparency to further support street life.

At the upper levels, the building form is structured with four distinct parts, each sharing the same solid concrete frame but each defined by its own colour key and enjoying its own orientation to views and the wider cityscape beyond. As an architectural composition the whole is more than the sum of its parts.


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