• Cameron Lacy


    “We often deliver more than we are asked for, the client comes to us with a brief but part of what we do is to step back and look at the bigger picture and see if there is a solution that offers answers to questions they haven’t asked but which make the project work.”

    Cameron’s experience in Australia, the United Kingdom and the US in both urban design and architecture allows him to develop an architectural vision to accompany the urban design objectives of the project.

    Cameron’s strengths lie in managing complex design processes and design consultation teams. He is able to appreciate and drive big picture thinking whilst managing interfaces between varying, often competing uses, to deliver great places and successful, thriving communities and commercial development.

    Cameron is the author of Rosanna Station Design and he has also provided urban design and architectural direction to multiple projects for VicTrack, VicRoads and PTV.

  • Catherine Ranger


    “I care deeply about the experiences of people who interact with our buildings. I am proud that our buildings speak to their context, their fellow buildings, and to an optimistic vision of our cities.”

    An experienced architect and design lead, Catherine has been critical to MGS Architects’ emergence as one of Australia’s preeminent creative practices. She is a driving force behind MGS’ design success, working at every level of the practice and across all projects to embed innovation, invention and impact.

    Catherine cultivates good relationships that enable teams to go above and beyond to unlock the most creative result for each unique project.

    She was instrumental to McIntyre Drive Social Housing in Altona, the first social housing project to win both state and national awards for multi residential architecture. Catherine was design lead on the award-winning Rushall Park, where the visiting Australian Institute of Architects’ awards jury found that: “house-proud occupants welcomed the jury into generous, adaptive and light-filled interiors…imbued with respect and joy”.


  • Elliet Spring


    “Listening is at the core of my approach – I thrive on forming blended teams with my clients and collaborating across disciplines within the office. Each project should reflect the distinctive culture and identity of a client and place. Each project should feel like it belongs.”

    An experienced architect and urban designer, Elliet seeks to create projects that are cohesive elements within their urban environment, while being sensitive to the day-to-day requirements of the people who use them. She brings over twenty year’s global academic and professional experience to her projects, having worked in Australia, the USA and Norway on a broad range of educational, cultural and civic buildings and master plans.

    Since joining MGS Architects in 2014, Elliet has contributed to projects across urban design and architecture. A clear communicator and accomplished designer, Elliet has led MGS Architects’ responses to Xavier College’s Master Plan and new 7&8 Building, UNSW’s Masterplan Framework, Trinity College’s Development Framework and Swinburne’s TC Building redevelopment.

  • Joshua Wheeler


    “I love working on projects with a social benefit: Great buildings should affect and change people’s lives and contribute to their wellbeing. We always talk about our buildings being generous and optimistic.”

    Joshua has experience in design, planning, and architectural contract administration as well as urban design and master planning. He is involved in the delivery of a number of large scale medium density residential projects, the development of senior education learning facilities, feasibilities and design studies for community hubs including the award-winning Bendigo Library redevelopment.

    Joshua places a strong emphasis on the quality of the design and delivery of the built product with a particular emphasis on inclusive communities, social sustainability, lifelong learning and ongoing operational efficiencies for both his clients and project occupants.

  • Rob McGauran


    “I have always looked at our role as shaping place through the lens of design thinking – architects are often not interested in pursuing that role. We want to make a useful impact on how we shape our cities. I say we are not designing a building. We are designing a place. ”

    Rob leads the masterplanning, design advocacy and urban design disciplines in the practice.

    He is an experienced advocate, managing community consultation and government partnership processes involving large and complex multidisciplinary consultant teams and stakeholder groups.

    At a strategic planning level Rob has been responsible for urban design frameworks and structure plans for key areas of Melbourne’s transformations, including Arden Urban Renewal Precinct, Footscray University Town, Cremorne Precinct and the historic Alphington Paper Mills. Rob has led the masterplans for Monash University, which has been awarded in Victoria and nationally, as well as for University of New South Wales, University of Wollongong, Victoria University and La Trobe University campuses.

    His built projects are known for their innovation, relevance to contemporary issues and community focus.

  • Chris Jones


    “The joy of architecture, for me, is that it’s about planning buildings: something that I have always instinctively understood. There is always a rationale to a plan. Either it makes sense or it doesn't!”

    Chris’ principal role encompasses the design and delivery of commercial projects and the provision of strategic advice to private developers, institutions and government agencies. With extensive experience in feasibility, master planning, design and documentation of large scale projects both in Australia and abroad, Chris brings a critical eye to projects at an early stage and seeks to maximise design value while making an enduring, sustainable contribution to the city.

    Chris leads project teams on a diverse range of work ranging from high rise apartment towers to the refurbishment of government buildings listed on the Victorian Heritage Register and has played a principal role in a number of Australian Institute of Architects and UDIA award winning projects.

  • Eli Giannini


    My special skill is to listen and open the design discussion. I have enough experience to be able to introduce ideas to a project in a way that is appropriate to the task.

    I recognise good ideas, no matter where they come from. They don't have to be mine.

    Eli is responsible for the design direction of the practice and has won numerous industry awards. She brings to her work tenacity and passion for the craft of design with a special interest in developing architectural typologies into project specific responses.

    She led the team that was awarded the 2013 National Australian Institute of Architects Frederick Romberg Award for Residential Architecture.

    Eli has contributed to the architecture profession as RAIA National Councillor, Chapter President, Chair of the Victorian Chapter Awards Task Force, and by promoting architectural design, theory and research. Eli was keynote speaker at the ‘Edge’ AIA National Conference in 2018.

  • Katherine Sundermann


    “The way we build cities is changing. We need to think strategically at precinct and regional scale, rather than just the individual building, so we can elevate community and environmental outcomes.”

    An award-winning architect and urban designer, Katherine brings to the MGS leadership team years of experience at some of the world’s most innovative design practices and institutions. As a research-led practitioner, Katherine’s strengths lie in her big-picture policy and precinct design with a focus on employment, knowledge and neighbourhood transformation and social and affordable housing.

    Contributing to leadership in the design and governance of our cities, Katherine is Vice President of the Urban Design Forum, a volunteer for Regen Melbourne and studio leader at Monash University.

    She led the project teams for: the Ballarat Creative City Precinct Masterplan, winning the Planning Excellence category at PIA National Awards in 2020; campus masterplans for universities such as UNSW and Monash; and masterplans for residential neighbourhoods such as North Richmond and Fitzroy Gasworks.

  • Mun Soon


    “I like to design the business thinking as well as the architecture. That is my approach to every job. I work on the commercial viability of projects, and clients appreciate my input. ”

    Soon leads the retail and interior design teams in the practice and is recognised as one of the leading retail consultants in Australia.

    He works with a number of major retail shopping centre organisations, individual and chain retail as well as hospitality groups in Australia and Asia. He has developed retail solutions for town centres and regeneration projects for local government, state government, institutional retail trusts, and individual retail chains and owners.

    Soon’s experience in retail brings highly practical, long-term economic sustainability to his clients by facilitating effective branding, high visitor levels and positive impacts on customer relationships.

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