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  • Project: Western Sydney Affordable Housing Strategy

  • Location: Western Sydney

  • Client: SGS Economics & Planning

Project Description

We were invited by SGS Economics & Planning to provide targeted input to an affordable housing study for nine local government areas within and adjoining Western Parkland City, one of Greater Sydney’s three cities slated for unprecedented urban renewal. Our role was to help these local government areas understand what diverse housing typologies could work within their municipalities, and what future statutory frameworks would be required to unlock the change required.


We explored five market-led affordable housing models that could be applied within the municipalities to support housing affordability. These included affordable build-to-rent housing that contributes to sustainability and community; boarding houses; co-housing opportunities and typologies; improving secondary dwellings outcomes; and tiny houses.


After working with the councils to understand their experiences, our report reviews each of the housing models for the diversity of locations and built fabric within Western Parkland City. It recommends different mechanisms, tools and strategies the councils can apply within their municipalities to facilitate pilot projects and improve housing affordability.





MGS’ Affordable Housing Study, Inner South-East Melbourne

Why do we need investment in Affordable Housing and why should the development industry support it? By MGS Director, Rob McGauran.

SGS’ Western Sydney Place Infrastructure Compact Program report



SGS Economics & Planning

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