• Project: Bond Street Apartments

  • Location: South Yarra

  • Client: Deal Corporation

Project Description

Adjacent the vibrant Chapel Street South Yarra shopping precinct, 8 Bond Street houses 29 apartments over five levels. The built form and its street interface buffer the existing ‘gritty’ commercial, industrial and residential context through considered use of scale, composition and materiality.

The material palette including standing seam zinc, perforated metal, glass, face brick and bluestone was selected in response to the urban context and is used in a robust yet considered way to ensure durability of the building and to mediate between its single storey brick residential and four storey commercial neighbours.

 A mix of apartments ranging from studios to two-bedrooms is serviced by two levels of basement car parking accessible via a car lift. Apartment interiors adopt a simple neutral colour scheme while, in contrast, public interiors reflect the tough street outside.


8 Bond St_0195

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