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  • Project: Swinburne iHub

  • Location: Hawthorn

  • Client: Swinburne University

Project Description

Swinburne University of Technology’s iHUB project is a state-of-the-art ‘C21st’ digital information platform which connects the University with UNSW, Monash, Curtin and Queensland Universities. Planned to accommodate four variations to the working ‘modes’ including ‘Breakout’, ‘Lecture’, ‘Workshop’ and ‘Exhibition’ the space is efficient and flexible, with a fully immersive environment that will enable collaboration between academics and practitioners from an architectural and urban planning background across each of the above campuses.
The network of iHUB projects are a readily scalable state-of-the-art multi-layered networked that enables smart decision support for urban policy-making, plan-making and place-making. Utilising a common infrastructure, the network delivers superior computational, visualisation and broadband communications infrastructure capable of supporting a broad spectrum of applied and strategic research and engagement objectives with digital pin-ups, high-speed computing and broadband, enabling real-time distributed synchronous computing and communication nationally and internationally 24/7.
The perforated suspended ceiling is the signature insertion into the Swinburne space, satisfying the acoustical demands for the space and housing a constellation of downlights, configured to meet the variety of iHUB’s four working ‘modes’. In counter balance to the dominant palette of dark greys, a ‘heat map’ carpet pattern of oranges and reds illustrates the expected intensity of the users’ movement and concentration once seated within the space. Bespoke joinery floats above the floor at the northern end of the room, crafted from timber laminate and acoustical panel insets. Subtly referencing late C20 television sets, the joinery piece acknowledges the rapid transformation of our engagement with digital technology in C20 and C21.

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